Learning Unity

A lot has changed with Unity since I last used it. One of those changes appears to be Unity Learn.

I really don’t remember Unity Learn from the last time I used Unity. Maybe the site was there but wasn’t as useful … or full of content. I do remember there being a few tutorials on the Unity site which dealt with the subject of learning Unity, but not to the extent I’ve found this time.

The site now has full fledged games for many genres — such as the 2D platformer game in the image above. Most of the games are not basic projects showing limited functionality — they are gorgeous games with graphic, music, and a lot of functionality that you’d expect to find in a released game.

For example, the 2D platformer game has five beautiful (and challenging) levels. Now just to be clear, these are not five game levels — instead, they are five levels which together make up one single level of the game. But this also shows you how to transition between areas in a game using multiple levels.

There’s a ton of functionality in that one single game that you can learn from.

But that’s just one of the games on the Unity Learn site! There’s another game that I really liked — a 3D platformer. Now I’m not really into 3D games, but this made me want to dive in just because how beautiful the game looked 😃

There’s even a tutorial on the site which is estimated to take over 14 hours to complete! So these tutorials are by no means bite-sized chunks of learning.

Plus, the tutorials are very nicely structured and you can keep track of your progress as you make your way through them. So, if you haven’t tried out Unity Learn in a while, and you’re interested in Unity game development, I’d certainly suggest that you give it a try!

One other site that I’d like to call out is CartoonSmart. I have been using CartoonSmart for a long time and I keep returning there since they have a lot of quick game assets that I can add to a project to get a prototype going fast.

They don’t have a lot of Unity-specific content but they do have a 2D game development tutorial which will get you up and running fast — or, help you brush up on your Unity skills if you haven’t worked with Unity in a while.

In fact, that’s what I’ve been doing over the weekend — running through their 2D game development tutorial to get back into working with Unity.

It actually gave me some ideas about the game I wanted to develop and also got me thinking about a particular problem I wanted to solve 😀 But more about that in the next post …

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